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Experimenting with food!

By 06:19

I've been doing some experimenting with new recipes! I don't do a lot of cooking but since being super interested in what I am eating these days I've been on the search for some healthy quick meals to fit in with my busy life! 

Firstly I had ago at making baked egg in an Avocado, I haven't eaten avocado before (on purpose anyway) so I was a worried about how this would be taste but I was pleasantly surprised, it was really nice tasting little dish, perfect for breakfast, only takes 20minutes to cook so it could be in the oven while you finish off getting ready for your day ahead.

My second breakfast I experimented with was overnight oats, I have heard good things about this breakfast dish, so I brought my ingredients and got tucked in. It was a perfect treat to eat first thing in the morning, Again I was so impressed with this dish and will be making it again. It was a great time saver as well, Personally I think it would be a great breakfast for someone who doesn't have time to cook in the mornings! 

This afternoon I've made a chicken salad I got off a Facebook page, the page is called "just eat real food" .. It's a brilliant page offering lots of different recipes with healthier options, check it out if you can! Anyway back to my chicken salad, it's a perfect summer meal for a light lunch or dinner. The cutting up on the vegetables is probably the most time consuming part, but trust me with the homemade sauce that you can make along side it is definitely worth the wait. I added a tablespoon of Greek yoghurt to the salad as well, thankfully it didn't ruin the salad, just made it better!

Below I've posted pictures of the three meals mentioned in today's post! If anyone is interested in the recipes please feel free to ask or have a search online, they are pretty easy to hunt down!  I'd love to hear your opinions on these meals or if you have any tips on how to make these meals better!

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